Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Shop Construction In Sierra Leone

Here is a shop being built in Bo.  This particular building is a stick and mud construction.  Notice the "sticks" used to create the frame.  These are nailed together.  They then stuff mud into the small gaps between the sticks on the sides.  The roof will be covered with "zinc".  This is a corrugated steel sheeting that is electroplated with zinc to reduce rusting.  The sticks are very "hard" wood and in spite of the first look it is surprisingly strong.  After the mud dries on the walls.  They will put a "cement" stucco coating on the outside that helps it last longer.  The other types of construction are concrete block and mud block.  This is the fastest and cheapest.  Could be finished within a week. Might last 10 years or so.  May have electrical power in it.  Will not have any water service or septic/sewer in it.

Big Kitchen

This is the kitchen at the Bo School for Boys which we toured a few weeks ago.  You can see the size of the pots on the left.  There were about 8 of these.  There was enough rice and stew cooking in these pots to feed 500 boys.  It must be hot in here when they are all going.  This will be where the are holding the youth conference in August for all of Sierra Leone.

Some Children

We had taken some diesel to the 5th street apartment, and were met by some of the friends we have made around every apartment the missionaries live in.  They were climbing all over the truck while we were in the apartment.  When we came out and wanted to go they wouldn't get out of the back of the truck, Sister Sherwood offered to take a "snap" of them.  They all got out of the truck to have their picture taken.  Elder Sherwood was able to back the truck out with no kids on it, around it, or under it.  They love to have their pictures taken.

Baptism at Batiama Branch

Went to the baptism in Batiama branch where 7 new members were baptized.  Pretty much all of the baptisms are done on Saturday.  We have 17 branches here in Bo.  Typically 3 or 4 baptismal services will be held with 4 to 6 of the branches.  Two branches will combine sometimes to save water.  We think these beautiful people are even more beautiful dressed in white.

Neighborhood View

This is looking out from the Pyne street apartments out over one of many swamps in Bo. Most of the neighborhoods are separated by these swamps.  They are cultivated and most of their vegetables, rice, and groundnuts(peanuts) are grown.  I was struck by how picturesque this was.  The natives call Bo "Swit Bo" (Sweet Bo).  We think so too.