Monday, May 17, 2010

The wait begins

We had our interview with the Stake President yesterday and he "punched the button" last night so our papers are officially in. Uncle Bill called us today to say that he had called the temple department to request us. So now we are waiting and hoping for the call to come. Your Dad thought he should start getting us passports, just in case. So we dug out our old ones and to our suprise we had renewed them in 2002 so they are good for another two years. Now he is trying to think of something else we can be doing while we wait. He would like to leave tomorrow if we could. He hates sitting around.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Count Down to the Mission

The last two weeks have been busy ones with doctor visits, dental visits, immunizations, and a series of tests making sure we are in shape to go on our mission. Now the papers are submitted and after our interview with the stake president on Sunday, the waiting for the call will begin. Then we will see how much influence Uncle Bill has. Will we be sent to Palmyra or does the Lord have somewhere else in mind for us. What do you think? Where will we go?