Friday, May 14, 2010

Count Down to the Mission

The last two weeks have been busy ones with doctor visits, dental visits, immunizations, and a series of tests making sure we are in shape to go on our mission. Now the papers are submitted and after our interview with the stake president on Sunday, the waiting for the call will begin. Then we will see how much influence Uncle Bill has. Will we be sent to Palmyra or does the Lord have somewhere else in mind for us. What do you think? Where will we go?


Tami said...

I'm guessing Palmyra.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Palmyra. You've got plenty more missions still in you to be surprised. What a fantastic experience that would be! However, we all know the Lord is the one in charge here. Wherever you go will be for the best!

Maryle said...

We're hoping Palmyra, too. Can't wait to hear! Love you!!!