Monday, October 4, 2010

For Time and all Eternity

I had the most beautiful experience last Thursday morning. A couple came to the temple to recieve their own endowments and to be sealed together for time and all eternity. My assignment was to accompany the sister and help her all throughout her temple experience, taking care of all the little things for her so that she wouldn't have to worry and could relax and feel the spirit of the temple and listen to all the wonderful blessings that she was recieving from her Heavenly Father in the temple. A couple of the brother temple workers were doing the same for her husband, which was more of a challenge because he was quadraplegic and was in a wheelchair. He has Lou Gehrig's disease and doesn't have long to live.

It was so touching to see Gail fuss over Frank, wanting everything to go perfect for him and it didn't start out very well because they arrived in a pouring rain and they were both soaked by the time they reached the temple doors but a couple of towels and a blow dryer soon had Frank comfortably dry again and Gail, seeing how Frank was being fussed over soon relaxed and was ready to begin her temple experience.

Everything went well from then on and after they finished the Endowment and were together in the Celestial room with all of their friends and family they seem so happy and excited . In the sealing room as she knelt across the alter from him and were being sealed together for eternity there were tears running down both of their faces as well as on the faces of most of their family members. After the ceremony, Gail jumped up from the alter and went around to Frank and started planting kisses all over his face and he just beamed. Afterward I heard his brother say to him, "Well Frank, now you've done it. It looks like you're going to be stuck with her forever!" Frank, struggling to speak, said, "Good. I'm glad!"

We marvel at how magnificent Heavenly Father's plan is for all of his children and how wonderful it is to be a part of helping to extend these precious ordinances to others of His children. To feel the joy of this couple who know that their time together on this earth may not be very long, now have the comfort of knowing that they now will have eternity to be together is indiscribable to me and strengthens our testimony even more that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows and loves dearly all of his children. The Gospel is true ! We know that with all our hearts!

We hope you all enjoyed General Conference over the last two days. We felt the spirit greatly from our leaders and are so grateful for them. Chris, did you see and hear the MTC choir in the Priesthood session? That could be you in a year or two. I guess that applies to all you grandchildren, but Chris is so close. My heart swelled as I watched and listened to them.

We are grateful to be here on a mission and love serving in the temple. We are grateful for all of you and for the things we see you do that bring the spirit into your lives. The Lord has blessed us all so greatly. We hope you all follow President Monson's and Elder Holland's counsel and thank Him profusely.


Lahra said...

Hey! Its great to see you guys are enjoing your mission so far. I'm so thankful for your awesome example for me. I hope that when im older i can go on a mission too. Hope you have a good week this week.
Love, Lahra

julie said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience. We just finished reading it together as a family for FHE. We love and miss you both