Monday, March 21, 2011

The Spirit Is There to Help

This was our 2nd week in the Fredonia Branch.  We spent the two days looking for people that have not been coming out to church. 

While seeking for one we couldn't find last week, we had a strong feeling that the map we were given and the GPS were wrong.  They were taking us to a Main street in the village of Casadaga.  But the address was supposedly in Stockton which was an intersection of two highways about 5 miles away.  We decided to go up and down Stockton looking at addresses.  We were confused.  Some homes had address like 8465, while the house next door would be 47.  We were looking for 21 but couldn't find it. 

We finally decided to ask someone.  We went to two homes finding no one home.  We noticed a man outside the next house and told him our problem.  He asked us who we were looking for.  It was him.  This little two street town used to have a numbering system based on its Main street.  The numbers were small.  Years ago they changed to numbers on the state highway going through.  They were large.  The computer maps and gps were all confused and so were we.  He was going to work, couldn't talk to us, but gave us his phone number and asked us to call back.

We are sure the Lord wanted him found, because of the "coincdences" that brought us to him.  Others in the branch had given up.  And we had also given up last week.  But were unsettled about it when we got here yesterday.

Many times in life we find that "quietly"we are guided.  "Quietly" because it is a still small voice or feeling and we need to learn to listen and act.  As we act, we become better at listening and hearing and we are helped more often.  We pray for all of us to heed the promptings we receive and then reap the blessings that come from acting on the prompting.  As we do so we can become more confident in those promptings and will experience the spirit more often in our lives.  We will also become more useful in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

We know this work we are doing is Heavenly Father's work.We know He loves his children and desires us all to come home to Him.  We pray daily for each of you in your individual and famly trials.  We know the Lord is blessing us greatly because we see Him blessing you.  Have a good week.

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Lahra said...

That is so cool! you probably were an answer to his prayer! I'm glad that you found the address. Keep up the great work!