Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Good Shows, Family Reunion Challenge

Two Good Shows
I know what you are thinking, missionaries aren't supposed to go see shows,  But these two were both approved for Senior missionaries.
Friday evening we took Kelly to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Live outdoor production with a cast of 700 plus, spectacular presentation of scenes from the Book of Mormon, it was great, as usual.  It doesn't matter how many times you've seen it, it is still wonderful.  Little changes in how different scenes were portrayed and some new costumes made it more interesting but the spirit and the powerful testimony born of the Savior were still just as strong as ever.  It was different not being involved this time, though  You have the addional witness born to you of its truthfulness and importance when you're participating in it.  We kinda felt like outsiders this time. 
Saturday night we went to see a brand new movie that was premering at the Palmyra Inn at the beginning of its Eastern Tour of the US before its release to theaters out West.  It is by the same producer as "One Good Man" and is called  "Joseph Smith - Plates of Gold".  It is a beautiful and insightful portrayal of Joseph and Emma starting from just before he receives the plates until just after the church is organized.  We highly recommend it.  If it shows in your area, go see it and support it, it is well worth it.  We had the added bonus of meeting R. Dustin Harding, the actor who portrayed Joseph.  He introduced the film and then afterwards told us a little bit about his experience playing Joseph and answered questions.  He then bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  It was a great evening.  We had some very strong feelings about insights into the spirit of Emma and how great she was.  We look forward in a few years of seeing more.  They are planning a "trilogy".

Family Reunion Challenge
To our kids who are holding our family reunion without us this year:  Do not think you can escape our trying to have an influence in your lives this year!  We love you all dearly and our hearts will be there with you even tho we are not.  We feel strongly impressed to have you do some additional preparation as families before you go.  Parents, first of all read in this month's (July) Ensign the article on page 48 called "Faith to Answer the Call"  by Elder Holland.  Pay special attention to the fourth paragraph from the end that begins  "When you have your own faith"  There is at least one member of our family who feels that he stands alone.  You have a precious few days to show him otherwise.  Then discuss with your children in family home evening how they can help make sure that none of the cousins feel that way this year.  Me against you or us against them is not allowed.  Those feelings come from Satan and only cause contention and hurt feelings.We become much stronger when everyone is "Us" and there is no "Them" and no against. (Except maybe in Killer Rabbits).  Our desire for you this year is to wrap everyone so tightly together in the bonds of love that no one can break away from our family ties.  Pray for inspiration and help from Heavenly Father in your family prayers so that you will all know how best to do that.  Please share with us personally what you learn from and do with this challange.

Maryle will be bringing 'Grandma's Store' this year.  Have a wonderful time and give Kurt your support in his new role as 'acting' patriarch at this reunion.

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