Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Last week we showed you a picture of this house in Palmyra that had everything for Halloween.  This week they added even more.  All of the following pictures are the same house and yard.  You might say they go "over the top".  Thought you might enjoy this and your kids can also tell you what you need to do for next Halloween.  You are welcome.  You don't have to thank us.
The obligatory goblin graveyard.

The monster and his pumpkin with the family name on it.

Halloween train with coffin.

Funeral hearse and driver

Black widow spider, web and gargoyle on the porch, with the skull and crossbones gate
 you have to go through to get your candy.

Pipe organ with the witch


Maryle said...

Yeah...thanks. Awesome house, though :) Love ya!!!

Rach said...

That is awesome!! Do they go all out for Christmas too?? Can we hire them? =)

Paul and Susan said...

If I remember right, they do Christmas also. They also do it in stages, adding new things each week until the 25th. We'll keep you posted. I don't think they are for hire, tho.