Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in the Branch


This was a great weekend in the branch.  With one of our investigators we have set a date for baptism on Christmas eve or Christmas day.  This will be a great way to celebrate Christmas.  We will see how that one plays out.  He wants to be baptized before a family, his home teacher, moves away on Dec 27.  This week we have to get the district leader to come up from Jamestown, and do the interview.  We then need to get the father ready to perform the baptism.  This is an hispanic family and the two parents struggle with english.  All are baptized except the oldest boy(18 years old).  They have been very faithful in attending since we have been coming to the branch.  The oldest is now ready.  Sunday afternoon, we spent an hour with him reviewing the lesson topics, commandments, etc. to make sure he was ready.


Sunday evening we had a fireside with our college students.  All but one of them are majoring in music.  The topic was the power of music.  The brother who presented it was a professional musician in his younger years. 

He discussed the power that music has on our spirits both for good and for evil.  It was a very enlightening discussion.  We were very impressed with our young freshmen, how much they understood the issues and how committed they are to being a positive influence.  Two of our non-member college students were there and they contributed greatly to the discussion.  One of them, Becky, has now had all the lessons.  She is faced with the challange of convincing her parents that she should be baptized.  The other, Noel, has come 3 weeks in a row to church, and was at the fireside tonight.  We have given her a Book of Mormon, and hope to begin teaching her when they get back from Christmas break, at the end of January.  We gave both of them the video, "The Birth of Christ", to take home and share with their families for Christmas.  Pray for both of them, that their testimonies will grow and strengthen.  We would love to have some more baptisms before we come home.

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