Monday, January 9, 2012

A Great Missionary Weekend

This was a great missionary weekend.  We taught Donya and her daughter the third missionary lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We taught faith, repentance, baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost and committed them to baptism.  They will be deciding on the date this week.  Donya has a sister who is a member in another ward.  Her sister's husband will be baptizing them.  Her married daughter, who is living with them, with her husband and two children, is also interested in coming out to church.  We will be teaching the fourth lesson next weekend.

We taught a mother, and her boyfriend in our Gospel Essentials class and are going to start teaching the boyfriend and her 8 year old son the lessons.  The mother is a member of the Branch and is semi-active.  She works every other weekend as a nurse and comes sporadically on her off weekends.  Her son enjoys Primary and wants to be baptized but hasn't attended enough to understand the gospel basics.  She told her boyfriend that she won't marry him unless he joins the Church so he is somewhat interested in learning more about the Gospel as well.  He participated well in the class and seems open to learning more.  She works next weekend so we won't begin teaching them until the following week.

Our young college kids are on Christmas break for two more weeks.  We miss them.  We want to get started teaching one of their friends when they get back.  She has been ou to church for a number of weeks and has expressed a lot of interest.

We hope you all had a marvelous Christmas with your families and look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months.  It looks like we will be leaving here for home on Feb 19.  We will spend time in Detroit and Colorado Springs on the way home.  We should be home about the 25th or 26th.  We are concerned about leaving the branch.  There is so much that needs to be done and so little time.  We trust our replacements will be ready to go to work.  It will be very hard leaving.

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