Friday, January 22, 2016

Africa Here We Come/Fools Rushing In

Alright, it is now official.  We go into the MTC on February 8 instead of April 11.  

Ever since we got the call, we have been working with our mission President and the mission department on how we could get there earlier.  The key issue was getting the visas.  It looks like they are confident we will have them.
We have been working like crazy. Finishing up grandma's walk in bathtub, cleaning the garage, packing all of our stuff in the house that we are not taking, spending money on immunizations, luggage, clothes, international drivers licenses, police clearance, etc., etc. etc.
We were planning on going to Colorado and Detroit when we thought we had more time, but have given up on that goal.
We are so excited to go on this mission. We will post occasional on this blog.

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Maryle said...

So excited for you guys! Cant wait to hear more about all the adventures the Lord has in store for you. Love you Mom and Dad!