Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Shots in Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa

African Wildlife
Ooh a spider in the bathroom!  About the size of a lime.  The Africans say it is harmless but it is very fast.  And I suppose it does eat the other bugs.

We Are Starting A Garden
Here is a pineapple planted by Brother Marigboi, a member security guard several years ago with the previous missionary couple here in Bo.  It is almost ready to harvest, but not quite ripe yet.  It is planted right outside our bedroom window.  We promised he could harvest since he has been watering it during these dry months.  We just asked him to replant the tops so we can grow another one.  This plant will keep producing fruit year after year.  It has been fun watching it grow from very small when we arrived to a full big pineapple now.  It will be ready in two weeks.

Welcome To The Palava Hut
These are found all over among the local homes.  We might call them a gazebo.  Every village and most neighborhoods have at least one.  A village Palava Hut is where the chief settles disputes between village members or counsel together will people in the village.

This is a more decorative one within a compound.  It is used like a gathering place for family and friends.

Behold the Calabash Tree
The calabash tree has a large nut about the size of a basketball.  It is not a fruit.  We are not aware that they do anything with the nut meat inside.  They cut it in half, clean it out, and it becomes a large mixing bowl.

It is hard to believe the limbs can hold all of these.

The African Candy Sister
Here are some of the many children who come running as soon as they see our truck.  It is amazing how many friends you can have when you have jolly ranchers.

Another Baptism In Bo
Here we are at another Saturday Baptism.  We had several this Saturday.  This was at the Gbondo Town Branch near our apartment.  Unfortunately, they only had two towels for this baptism.  The men share one and the women shared one.  As hot as it is, no body really cared.

This baptism was in Njaie Town Branch.  It was for the Njaie Town Branch and the Batiama Branch.

A Normal Day In The Market Place
This blue "mannequin" is a real man.  We have been seeing him in various places downtown.  He is an "Advert" (advertisement).  They pay him to be all painted up and stand absolutely still for several hours. People gather around trying to catch him blinking or something.  With the dark glasses you can not tell if he blinks.  He does not move though for up to 2 hours.

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