Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bo Zone Activity Day

Bo Zone Activity Day

This is the third time in the past 6 months that our Zone has had an activity day.  It is an excuse for the young missionaries to get together on their Preparation-Day, play football, eat and just enjoy each other.

This is half the full-time missionary team

This is the other half.  Oops, who are those old people?

Our Bo Zone has gotten too big for one picture.  We now have 31.  We expect 4 more next week.

Football in the real world means soccer to you uninformed westerners.  The people of Sierra Leone take their football seriously.  You will see even the youngest school kids and preschool also out on the field kicking a ball around.  Or something like a ball.

Elder Seaman is an experienced footballer from Great Britain.  As you can see he brought a real football.  Game on.

This was the 2nd time the football game has been a match of the full-time missionaries vs. the branch missionaries.  The problem is the branch missionary team seems to always have many ringers on it.  They are not all branch missionaries but bring some experienced players from local teams.  A member of the Bo West District presidency, President Mammy. is their coach.

Bo East District President Nasiru

The local members also bring the referees and enjoy the match.  They were convinced that for this match the full-time missionaries would be crushed.

When you observe that 1/3 of the full-time missionaries playing are white guys, you get the feeling maybe they don't have a chance.  However, this addition of the match ended up a 1-1 tie.  Same as last time.  No one wins.  No one loses.  But every one plays their heart out and has fun.  The consensus was that one of our brand new Elders from Arizona, Elder Cluff, was the star because of his great job as goalie.  They all played well.

After the game we brought out the food and the cool-aid and enjoyed a picnic at the side of the field.
Elder and Sister Sherwood did not play football.  Sister Sherwood made brownies and we helped get the other food the sister missionaries prepared to the activity.  A delicious chicken stew over rice.

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