Thursday, February 2, 2017

Where Did January Go

Bo, Sierra Leone Relief Society Conference

 Mid January we had a Relief Society Conference for all three districts in Bo.  That's 15 branches.  So Question:  How many  eggs to you have to boil and peel to make egg salad sandwiches for 350 women?  Answer:  600 eggs.  It was an all day project.  We are not in the picture, but Elder and Sister Sherwood were in the middle of peeling eggs.  We also spent two full days baking 450 banana bread muffins.  One pan at a time since that is all the oven can hold.

Here we are at the conference getting ready to unload the coolers full of egg  salad, rolls, and banana bread muffins.  Notice Sister Sherwood's new favorite dress she had made for the conference.  It is beautiful, befitting a beautiful lady.

Today We Were Tank Movers

Here we are moving water tanks from one chapel to another chapel.  It must be the beginning of the "Dry" season since water is now one of the biggest issues.  The bigger the tank you  have the more water that can be pumped from the well, or brought in by truck.  This will hold enough water for two weeks use of the chapel.  Their main usage is for toilets.  Notice how big a tank our little truck can handle.

I helped with this smaller tank, mostly by cheering them on.  We were swapping tanks from two chapels.  The chapel that had the bigger tank could not fit it on their tower, so we moved it to a chapel that could use it.  We then put the smaller tank on the first chapels water tower.

A little rope to keep it from bouncing off as we travel over the rough roads.

The African Pumpkin

Here is an african pumpkin.  The 2nd picture tells you it's size with Sister Sherwoods hand in the picture.  This one is a little smaller than average.  It makes a great ponky soup to go over rice or mashed potatoes.  One of our favorite dishes.  They do not know pumpkin pie here but they do know ponky soup.  The pumpkin is essentially the same as we know at home, Just a different color on the outside.  Same on the inside.

Sister Sherwood Can Not Resist the Children

We went over to Elder Kays apartment to get a picture from him.  While there these two neighbor boys wanted to be our friends and wanted their picture taken too.  How can you resist cute little faces like this.

Here they are with Elder Kay and Elder Wokoma


Maryle said...

That's a lot of eggs and muffins!!! You guys are amazing! It is so fun to see the wonderful people you are working with, and see how happy they, and you, are. We can't wait to try some of your favorite recipes when you get home. Mom, I'm loving all the beautiful dresses. Such fun patterns and colors. Love you guys!!!

JoDee Leahy said...

What a beautiful woman!! Dress too! :-) glad to hear you are doing well and still having lots of adventures.

Elder Schlehuber said...

How wonderful to have a Relief Society Conference for the three districts in Bo. Do you know a Sister French? If so, was she able to be involved in the conference? She was the Bo District Relief Society president when we were there when there was just one district in Bo.

Blueblaze of StarClan said...

Hello beloved parents far, far, away! Time for more pictures and an update. We love you and hope you are doing well.