Monday, June 5, 2017

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Sierra Leone (Part 2)

Today we will focus on 3 new district centers being built in Bo and Kenema.  Earlier we mentioned that a second stake was being created in Sierra Leone.  That happens on June 18.  The Kissy Stake will be created.  The Freetown area will now have 2 stakes.

They are talking about 4 more stakes in our country.  Three in Bo. and 1 in Kenema.  These are not approved but three are ready to be proposed.  We are not part of that proposal, review and approval process.  They eventually will need to be approved by the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the 1st Presidency.  But we are witnesses of the longer term preparations being done here.

In Bo they are building 2 new district centers.  In Kenema they are also building one district center.  Since Bo West district already has a nice large district center, that makes a nice size district center for all the districts in the eastern part of Sierra Leone.  Those of you that can predict the future, perhaps that says they are getting ready for 4 stakes in eastern Sierra Leone since all of these district centers are designed to be stake centers.  That is exciting to us.  We will now bore you with pictures of these 3 new District Centers.  All are scheduled for completion in the September 2017 time frame.

BO East District Center

Located on the east end of Bo, about 1/4 mile east of the current Gbondo Town chapel.  Just south of the Bo-Kenema highway.

These 3 district centers are all basically the same design.  The center building is the chapel and cultural hall.  The two side buildings contain Relief Society, Primary, classrooms, branch and district offices, baptismal font, and restrooms.

The steeple tower you can see here.  The steeple is lying on the ground in a crate.  All 3 district centers will raise the steeples this week.

This is the Relief Society building.

BO North District Center

Located on the site of the former Bo Chapel.  They leveled the old chapel and have been meeting in a temporary chapel while they are building this district center.

You can see they are getting ready to raise the steeple on Bo North.  These are all the same buildings, just a little tighter together.

 We got two pictures of the baptismal fonts on this building.  Indoors!!  Dressing rooms built in!  Not quite what they are used to here in Bo except for the Njagboima building which is already a district center.  It look like the baptismal font room is open air on the sides.

A closer look at the font.

Kenema District Center

Located at the far north of Kenema, north of the airfield and of the IDA branch and chapel.  Just west of the highway going north from Kenema.

 They are ready for the steeple here too.

We believe that is the font down near the end.  Notice the open air design.

This building is on the far north of Kenema.  The branches need to expand north so it is not so isolated.

It is very nice on the top of a small hill.


Maryle Jenson said...

So exciting! What a blessing to watch the growth of an area you love!

Elder Schlehuber said...

Thank you so much for the update on the progress in Sierra Leone. It's great to hear that there will be a new stake in Kissy. I looked on Google Maps and could see the construction at the site in Gbondo Town and at the old Bo Branch site. As for the new district building in Kenema all I could see was a location labeled with the Church's name about 1200 meters northeast of the IDA chapel. It's so exciting seeing those new buildings going up.

JoDee Leahy said...

That is fantastic! What a blessing to be there during a period of such amazing growth.

Koni said...

Thanks for your hard work! So exciting to see all this growth!