Sunday, August 29, 2010

We have had a marvelous 1st week in the MTC. In 1 week they teach the senior missionaries what they take 3 weeks for the young missionaries. We obviously get a shortened version. We had 20 couples this week and 2 senior sister missionaries. We were divided into districts of 3 couples the first day. Here is our district.

Left to Right: Elder & Sister Taylor, yours truly, Elder Dowda(our instructor), Elder & Sister Pack. The Taylors are going to Las Vegas West, and the Packs are going to Chile.

We also have another couple going to the Palmyra Temple. They are from Lake George, Colo. in your Uncle Bill's ward. He is recruiting everyone. Below are Elder and Sister Guthrie. We have become good friends and look forward to serving with them in the Palmyra Temple.

Tomorrow we start the temple mission training. There are 2 other couples going on temple missions. One to the Washington DC temple, one to the Halifax, Nova Scotia temple. All of us will be training together this week.
Tuesday night at a devotional Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke to us. What a treat. He encouraged us to make the most of our missions even though it will be hard, and there will be tears. We can't expect to become like the Savior unless we are willing to go through our Gethsemane's. But the he and the Lord don't apologize for asking us to do hard things. He quoted a French poem roughly translated.
"Come to the edge, the Lord called.
No I said, I will fall.
Come to the edge He said again.
No I said, I will fall.
So reluctantly I came to the edge.
He pushed me.
And I flew."
When we trust the Lord He will take us where He wants us to go and it will be far beyond what we ever dreamed.

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