Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Are Here!

Thursday September 2, 2010 Mom gave us a beautiful fairwell party where we said good bye to family and friends in Provo.

Friday morning we started our trip east to New York. We spent Saturday and Sunday with our kids and grandkids in Colorado Springs.

We traveled 2 days more to West Lafayette, Indiana and spent all day Wednesday with Maryle and Jared.

We then traveled to Palmyra arriving Thursday night.

Friday and Saturday we spent finding a place to live and moving in. We have an apartment in Pitsford that becomes available Nov 1. We needed to find a place for the 6 weeks before then. We ended up arranging with Pres. Dan Hare of the Pageant presidency to use a pageant trailer in Zion's camp.
Here is our home for the next 6 weeks.
From standing in the middle of the trailer, this is the kitchen and livingroom area including the computer 'Room'.
Looking the other way, this is the bathroom and bedroom. That's it.

We spent Friday night in the trailer with no heat and no hot water. Saturday Paul Rowe came over and helped us fix that. We are beginning to feel right at home.

Tomorrow morning we will be setapart as Palmyra Temple Ordinance workers and our first shift will be Tuesday morning. Next Sunday we expect to hear about our assignment to a branch. Today we went to church at Palmyra and Fairport and renewed some marvelous friendships.

We got in touch with Mike today. He is working today, but thinks he and Amber can get with us tomorow afternoon. We are looking forward to that.

We have been overwhelmed by how the Lord has helped us get here, moved in, ready to go to work. We know without a doubt that the Lord wants us here and we are anxious to begin doing his work. What a joy to be in his service. We hope all of you are feeling that same joy in your lives.

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