Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Week in Palmyra

We have completed our first full week in the temple. We are a part of 6 shifts.
Tuesday & Thursday-Morning & evening
Wednesday & Friday-Evening

On Tuesday and Thursday we have a 3 hour break between the shifts where we can eat and take a nap.

Monday we were set apart in the morning. We then were able to spend a couple of hours visiting with Mike and Amber in the afternoon. They seem to be doing well. We were able to get to know Amber and her family better. Did you all know she is a cake decorator. She and some family members have been doing very interesting work. Go to facebook and look for shambercakes. It was fun seeing their work. We are going to eat dinner with them tomorrow.

Monday evening we had a family home evening with all the temple missionaries. Presdent Strassberg, in the temple presidency discussed the meaning of words. He taught Latin in Buffalo and had a very interesting way to taking the words back to their Latin origins and was able to demonstrate nuances of meaning in our gospel language, redemption, repentance, atonement, etc. It was very interesting and faith promoting, but you needed to be there to understand.

It is different working on almost all the shifts. You get to know almost everyone who works in the temple. We already have known many, but there are many new ones also. Tuesday night we had the opportunity to run a session in the baptistry. That brought back a lot of memories and was fun.

Saturday we spent most the day wandering around Palmyra Canal Days festival with Elder and Sister Guthries from Colorado. We had lunch with them and it was a fun day. The streets were blocked, there was an antique car show, and many booths. In the afternoon there was a parade.

This week in the temple reminded us of a scene from A Christmas Carol in which the ghost of Christmas past was showing Feziwigs Christmas party to Schrooge. The ghost said to Schooge, "This was not a big deal for Feziwig to put this party on. He didn't spend much. But the people were so happy." Schooge said "That isn't the point. He had the power to make us happy or miserable under his employment, and to make our work pleasant or a drudgery. He was a good man to work for." How much more joyful it is to be working for the Lord in the temple than for Feziwig. He makes our work in the temple full of indescribable joy.

Our temple president observed how we can tell it is all worth it. When you see a couple run into the temple, harried, late and frustrated. Carrying the cares of the world on their shoulders. Then two hours later seeing them walk out slowly out holding hands. At peace with the world. They have been able to cut through the problems of the world and see again what live is all about.

We hope all of you are going regularly to the temple. You may get tired of hearing this from us, but too bad. We all need the peace and truths available there. We testify to you that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and the power of the Savior is real. He will bless you through your families as you lead them back to him. We love you all.

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Dale and Linda said...

So good to see you have a nice place to live and work. Say hi to Mike. We are happy to see you are adjusting to life in NY again.