Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving Day

Here is our new apartment. First from the street looking at the apartment. Then from the porch to the yard. Isn't it pretty?

The door from the porch comes into the kitchen. This view is from the door.

Here is another view of the kitchen from the door to the living room.

Between the kitchen and the living room is a stairway to the unfinished basement where we can store our suitcases, empty boxes and my two cases of grape juice.

Here is a view of the living room taken from the bedroom.

And a view of the bedroom taken from the living room.

From the bedroom you look past the closets to the bathroom.

To the right in the bathroom is the sink and the commode.

And to the left is the tub/shower and the laundry area.

We love the new apartment. It is so spacious after living in the trailer. It has heat! You can see why they call this the Taj Mahal in the mission. There is even room to throw down air mattresses and sleeping bags if any of our sorely missed children/grandchildren/parents/siblings or friends come to visit.

The temple has been closed all week for cleaning. The timing was perfect to let us settle in. We also went in a couple of times to help in the cleaning. For all of your interest, the temple is going to be closed again the entire month of January for some remodeling of the entrance. We are going to be bored silly.

This weekend at the branch we had a district conference. In addition to an area authority seventy, the Temple President and Matron spoke on Sunday(AKA Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy). It was a great conference and most of our active branch members were in attendance as well as an investigator who is going to be baptised next Saturday. I am looking forward to confirming him on Sunday. So what is going on with all of you out there?


Art said...

We're getting ready to start another round of Destination Imagination this year. Last year was the first time the kids' school had put together a team and it was such a success that we had enough interest to put together five teams this year. Brittney, Josh and Joseph will all be on teams this year with me being the team manager for Josh's team. Should be fun!

Maryle said...

Yeah Mom, you have your own kitchen!!! and heat!!! Your place seams very nice. Congrats! How exciting about a baptism this weekend.It is always such a pleasure to be a part of someone accepting the gospel and being baptised.
Not much happening here. I've been sick, and Evan's birthday is tomorrow. Other than that it is pretty quiet.
Love you guys!!!

Rach said...

Wow, look at all that space!! I'm glad you have a basement to store your bottles of juice too! I like the plug about putting air matresses down for family to come out, we might have to take advantage of that. Things are good here, we just had a stake conference on Sunday with Russell M Nelson. It was amazing!! It snowed for the first time yesterday, and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and family coming into town. Love you!