Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Service Project Complete/International Fugitives

Hello From The North Country.
This past week we finished building the stairs for the Harris's. We spent two full days from 8am to 4pm. Both days we had to run to the temple to not miss the preparation meeting at 5pm. The Palmyra ward provided the manpower to dig the dirt the week prior. We then built the stairs with the help of several others. On Wednesday we built the stair frames from the top to the landing. On Friday we finished all the frames then installed the decking material. The treated lumber you see on the risers has to wait for a few months to dry before it can be painted. They will then paint it gray like the walls. Below is the result.

We had a miracle on Friday. Before we started Mary Harris offered a prayer that we could complete the project and asked the Lord to temper the elements. It was forcast to rain all day and it was raining as she prayed. Within a few minutes a patch of blue sky appeared above their house and stayed almost all day long. All around to the horizon was dark and stormy. It rained hard around the area but we never got more that a few drizzels during the day.

International Intrigue:
We were up in Ogdensburg for the weekend with our branch. There is a bridge at Ogdensburg that goes across the St. Lawrence river into Quebec. Sunday afternoon we left Ogdensburg to go to another town to visit members. We were passed by a funny colored car and noted that it was a US Border Patrol car. A few miles later there was a lady on the side of the road trying to flag people down. We stopped to see if she needed help. She said she was lost and seemed like a very nice lady. Trying to get to New York City. If you have been following our post, this is a long ways from NYC. About 5 hours drive. We describe to her how to go back to Syracuse and then follow the thruway to Albany then NYC. We gave her a small atlas we had to help her find the way. She was going to follow us to our next village and then keep on going. Further on down the road we noticed the Border Patrol parked on the side. He pulled in behind us and followed us for a while. When we got to a stop sign, I gave her some more directions and we continued. In about a mile, the border patrol passed her and pulled us over. He was curious why a car with Utah plates was working with a car with Florida plates. We described who we were, that we were US citizens, where we were going and what we were doing. We also described the help we were giving this lady. He then left us and went racing after her. We saw him with her pulled over down the road. We spent the rest of the day wondering whether we had been aiding and abetting an international spy, a terrorist, or a drug dealer. If you see something on the nightly news, let us know. She didn't look like a "bad guy". Just a lost, nice lady.

By the way, is anyone reading these posts? We never get any comments. We are having a wonderful time. We love you all.


Maryle said...

Just to let you know, we are following. We love reading about what you are doing. Congrats on finishing the stairs. Did you end up buying the sawsall? We love you!!!

Maryle said...

P.S. Don't end up on America's Most Wanted!

Anonymous said...

We're reading! Keep posting, please! Are the border patrol cars up there white with a green stripe too? We've got them all over down here. I never give them any thought because I know I'm legal (and pretty obviously at that.) But I guess you would have to be careful about what kind of "help" you provide to strangers. Never thought about that before.

Art said...

We're following as well. We read it as a family for FHE each week. Sounds like you guys are having a great time up there! Keep posting!