Monday, April 25, 2011

New Missionaries

This week we have had the great blessing of welcoming 15 new temple missionary couples to Palmyra.  The two of us were assigned to visit each of them as they got into their apartments and give them their name badges and other materials.  What a joy to begin to get to know these special angels coming from all over the US to help us run 6 new shifts over the summer months.  They are here for 6 months.

We have been collecting maps, brocures, local history documents, and other information to help they feel at home and learn their way around.  We spent about an hour with each couple answering questions and telling them about the type of experiences they would be having.  It was good to watch their excitement as they begin their service.

This evening we had an opening dinner and began the orientation which goes all week long.  It is going to be long days since we have our normal shifts to serve, and then when not in the temple we will be taking part in the orientation of the new missionaries.  But it will be wonderful.

In the middle of the week Elder Richard Hinckley will be here for 3 days to review the temple. It will be nice having him with us during our sessions on Thursday. He is speaking to all of the temple workers on Wednesday evening.

We had fun teaching our last Sunday School lesson to the youth in the Fredonia Branch.  We taught about the Savior healing the blind man, and how all of us can choose to be blind or can choose to see.  The youth interacted well.  We had a college student from Ghana in our class and he added a very good spirit to our class.

We have an appointment next Saturday to teach the 1st discussion to our little family and their 10 year old daughter.  More to follow on that.

Time To Choose
This is for our kids.  You have probably noticed that about the only thing missiing from your tatted ornament sets is the snowman.  For Christmas this year you get the snowman.  I was just going to hand them out randomly but then I thought, "Maybe you would like to select the color of the snowman's hat".  Do you prefer red, green or blue.  Please let me know.


SandyS said...

Cool. I love these. Red or green, either one.

Tami said...

Blue, please.

By the way, we are so excited about the missionary opportunities you are having with the family in your branch as well as with Amber and Mike. Amber is such a sweetheart.