Monday, May 2, 2011


Saturday we had our first discussion with the family we found last week.  This was with a mother and her 10 year old daughter.  The parents were baptised about 9 years ago but have not been out to church for years.  The daughter was not baptized.  We thought we would be teaching a 10 year old.  It turns out she has a form of autism and we were not prepared at all to simplify our lesson plan.  We had taken with us, however the branch mission leader and his 9 year old daughter.  He immediately dropped down to the floor and went into family home evening mode.  He did a marvelous job of explaining about the church and its need for prophets, revelation and scripture.  He used 3 cups holding up a book, and if you remove any cup the book topples.  Next week we have an appointment to teach them about the plan of salvation and will be much better prepared.  We are also going to get them a children's Book of Mormon to help the mom read to her daughter.

Sunday she came to church with her daughter.  We were able to talk with her more and learn more about her daughter's condition.  She said they would definitely be back next week.  We were able to get the Relief Society Presidency involved, who will be viisiting them this week and inviting her to be involved in a service project. 

This week we not only had our normal temple responsibilities, but whenever we were not in the temple we were involved with the training of our new missionary couples.  We are tired, but it was marvelous. 

Wednesday night we had a temple worker devotional with Elder Hinckley of the Seventy.  Thursday he was involved with all of our sessions through out the temple.  Friday we had a special baptism session with all the missionary couples as guests and doing the ordinances.

The first part of the week the two of us were asked to put together a plan of how the temple could support a 6:00am endowment session twice a month.  This is to enable, primarily, business people to come more often.  It will go for 6 months and then be evaluated if we should keep it going.  It will be staffed entirely with temple missionaries and we were amazed at the support we received from the new missionaries. They are also supporting fully the service project we have started in keeping the canal pathways clean.  It is wonderful working with such enthusiastice, dedicated saints.

What a great week.

God bless you in all your families.  We pray you are doing well and feeling the spirit in your lives as we feel it here.  It is impressed on our hearts more deeply every day that the gospel is real, true and vital in our lives.  We feel Heavenly Father's love constantly for us and for you.  We are honored to be a part of his kingdom on earth.  We are grateful and blessed to be serving in the temple.

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