Monday, May 9, 2011

Teaching, Finding And Enjoying Spring

Teaching The Pre-Mortal Life
Saturday we taught part of the 2nd discussion on the Plan of Salvation.  We focused on our Pre-Mortal life.  This was to a 10 year old girl and her mother so it was focused at a pretty young level.  Sister Sherwood prepared some drawings to show the relationship of Pre-Mortal, to earth life and then the spirit world and the resurection.  It went very well.  We found her very interested and she seemed to understand the concepts.  She has been reading from some childrens bibles she checked out of the library last week.  We should get the illustrated Book of Mormons this week, so she can start reading that.

Rachael. you had a FHE lesson that showed a car trip and compared it to the plan of salvations.  Is there any chance that you could email that to us?  It would be a great help with the part of the lesson we are going to teach this Saturday. 

Sunday we finally found a man at home that we been trying to contact for three or four weeks.  He was very friendly, welcomed us in and had a nice visit.  He attends the Catholic church down the street and says he is Catholic.  He says he has also been baptised in our church but has no way to get there and would like to go.  We are going to pick him up next week and take him to church with us.  He is very friendly and has a very neat and clean apartment.  He is disabled but is able to go out each day to visit his mother and help her out and also take care of himself.  He needs a good home teacher and friend.  Someone who can pick him up each week, bring him to church, and care about him.  We are hoping the branch will rise to the occasion when they meet him.

Spring is Sprung
Spring came this week.  We actually had more that 3 days this week where the sun was shining, the trees are blooming and the flowers are coming out.  We even have fresh asparagus in the front yard.  We can pick all we want.  Life is very good here.  Heavenly Father blesses us daily.

We hope all of you are also enjoying spring.  We hope you are strengthening your testimonies and noticing how good Heavenly Father is being to you.  We hope you thank Him constantly.

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