Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3rd Discussion

This weekend we shared with our little family, the purpose and meaning of earth life.  Sister Sherwood put together a great graphic she had seen Rachael use for a FHE.  Here they are.

First we see our family going from our home over a river to the fair.  After a great day at the fair, we had a lot of fun and spent all our money.  It is time to go home but the river has flooded and we cannot get across.  A man is there with a raft but it costs $500 to cross.  We do not have it.
Then a man waiting behind us offers to pay our way if we will give him all of our trinkets from the fair.He is willing to pay our debt.  This is then compared to us coming from our heavenly home to earth to live.  We make mistakes and then because we are not clean cannot come back to our heavenly home.  The Savior then comes and he has paid our debt.  We need to covenant with him, give all our sins to him.  He becomes the bridge to take us back home.  We put a pass-a-long card of Christ on the bridge.  We left it with her to keep.

It kept her attention and we think she understood.  Next time we will talk more about who the Savior is and what he has done for us.  We are trying to keep the lessons around 1/2 hour so she isn't overwhelmed.  Her mother seems pleased with how the teaching is going.  They came to church Sunday and we think she had a good time in primary.  The mother seemed to enjoy the gospel-essentials class as well as Relief Society.

We feel like we are teaching both of them, even though it is directed at the daughter.  Our goal is to strengthen the mothers testimony as we prepare her daughter for baptism.  The father is on the road each time we have come.  We hope to get him involved also, but have not succeeded yet.

We hope all of you are doing well, and pray for you each day.  This life is so short and so important.  May you all find true happiness in your families and in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.  The Gospel is true, and provides such a wealth of blessings.  We are the happiest when we are living gospel principles and teaching others.  We have never been happier.

Love to you all

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Rach said...

I'm impressed that you remember that FHE. I made the lesson that I use and I would be more than happy to make one for you if you want it. Let me know!!