Monday, August 15, 2011

Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words

Our weekend in the branch started Saturday morning in the temple baptistry.  Our stake had a temple day and we signed up to help in the baptistry.  When we got there there were lots of people who wanted to help but few who wanted to be baptized.  They had brought a lot of family file to do but had no youth.  We decided to be "guests" or patrons and to be baptized and confirmed.  Our Branch President did almost all the baptisms.  His wife was also a "guest".  When it was finally our turn at the end, He baptized Paul and then Paul baptized him and Susan.  It was special to be able to be guests in the baptistry.  Susan hadn't been in a font in years.

We taught our young girl who has autism later in the afternoon.  On Sunday we taught our youth Sunday School class.  It was nice to be able to bear our testimonies.  We just hope that we are making a difference in their lives.

As we have been visiting with the less active members in the branch, we are beginning to notice a trend or a theme.  Many of them have quit coming over the years because they have been criticized about their dress or appearance.  Why is it that we feel a need to correct people when we see they are not applying a principle that we live in our lives? 

This is something that we have been talking about in our temple preparation meetings for our whole mission.  The presidency is trying to teach us as workers to not correct each other or the guests who come.  It is almost always a sign of pride.  We think we understand and live a principle so we want to correct those who don't.  The minute we "correct" the spirit leaves and hard feelings result.  It is so much better when we teach correct principles and let each person learn and correct themselves.  We need to just love people and set a good example.   

This is so true in all our relationships, especially at home.  We pray that we might all have patience and love with each other.  Let us care about each other, encourage each other, teach good principles, praise the good things that are being learned, and avoid pointing out the things that have not yet been applied.

We love you all and proud of how well you are doing in your families.  We have loved looking at the pictures from the reunion and feeling the spirit that we have heard.  Thank you Sandy and Kurt for organizing it.  It couldn't have been better.  (except if we could have been there).

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Lahra said...

This is awesome! keep it up. love ya lots. were praying for ya!