Sunday, August 28, 2011

Staying Within The Lines

Remember when you were a little kid and were learning how to color, everyone told you to stay within the lines.  It made a good picture instead of a messy one.  14 years later you learned about how a car needs to stay within the lines.  It makes for good driving instead of going off the cliff on the right side or a head on collision on the left side. 

Today in our Sunday School lesson we talked about this.  The Lord also wants us to stay within the lines that he has set.  He has set these lines to bless our lives.  He wants to help us avoid disastrous consequences in our lives.  They help us to be successful in this great plan of happiness he has given us.

In the ancient church we read about the apostles and prophets and 70's guiding the church.  Paul especially sent letters to the churches telling them of the lines they were crossing, and what the results would be.  He warned them of immorality, of being unified within the church, and of following the counsel from the prophets.  They were not only ignored but were killed.  Within 100 years there were no more apostles and prophets.  The church and world fell into a long period of darkness called the dark ages.

Our testimony to you is that the Lord is again speaking through apostles and prophets because he has restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth.  It will not be lost again.  There are now 15 apostles and prophets, hundreds of 70's, thousands of stake presidents, ten's of thousands of bishops.  They will not be all killed off.  Within our lifetime there will be thousands of 70's, ten's of thousands of stake presidents, hundred's of thousands of bishops.  They will not be lost because the world is ready to listen to them.  The question is "Are We".

These great prophets to us in this day are warning us about lines that we must not cross over.  They are some of the same warnings given by the prophets of old but are specifically directed at the problems we face.  Immorality, seeking for the things of the world, debt, selfishness. 

There are plenty of people out there who are messing up their lives and experiencing misery because they cross the lines.  We do not need to be a part of them.  We will have enough of our own problems because we are a part of this mortal earth.  We don't need to add to our struggles because we cross the lines.  Crossing the lines never brings freedom, as some people seem to think.  Staying within the lines gives us the freedom to enjoy all of the blessings Heavenly Father has for us.  So be happy.  Be free and seek for the joys of eternity.  Stay well within the lines.

Love to you all.  Have a good week. 

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