Monday, February 28, 2011

Branch Open House

We are getting our exercise by shoveling snow.  Last week we had the biggest drifts we have seen this winter.
The other day we woke up to this
We shoveled for several hours


Sunday we had a Branch Openhouse in Ogdensburg.  The members were challanged to invite their family and friends.  Elder & Sister Esplin and the Sister missionaries put together some displays that were very well done.  The members brought refreshments and we all had a great time.  A number of non-member friends came.
Elder Sherwood teaches the Restoration

Sister Sherwood on YM/YW

Two wonderful Sister Missionaries

A New Convert in the Branch

Elder and Sister Sherwood and the Sisters
This openhouse was fun to be a part of.  We wish you all could have been there.  We bear testimony that God is alive and well.  His Son is the Savior of the World, was crucified for us and then resurrected.  He has restored his gospel, the church, the priesthood, and the ordinances of the gospel in these latter days.  Joseph Smith was a true prophet through whom this restoration was accomplished.  The church is now led by a prophet today.  The Book Of Mormon is the tangible evidence that God is speaking today.  We plead with you all to read the Book of Mormon and receive a witness of its divine origin.

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Dale and Linda said...

It sounds like progress is steady in the Ogdensburg branch. We are not surprised knowing the caliber of missionary couples that are serving there. Good work, we are so happy to hear of the success. Erica's baby was blessed this weeekend in SLC. WE took the whole family to the Carl Bloch art display at BYU. Mom and Karen came with us. We saw the origional of the pic on the cover of the March Ensign. LOve you,