Monday, February 7, 2011

To Syracuse and Back Again-Congratulations Tyler

Hello from the North Country again. Here is the next chapter in the saga for Elder and Sister Sherwood VS the Weather Report.

We got already to go to the branch on Saturday, made some appointments to visit some members, then looked at the weather just before leaving. They had just put up a snow advisory in the last hour. There was no mention of 'lake effect' snow and we convinced ourselves we could beat it. The forcasted accumulation was only 3 to 6 inches for the entire night. So we left. It was drizzeling rain all the way to Syracuse. It took about 1 hour. About that time it started coming down sleet, hard. We began to feel bad about the decision so we turned around. We ended up getting home 2 1/2 hours later. The drive back was a nightmare. We counted 6 cars off the road or being put onto tow trucks. Much of the I-90 travel was at 30 to 40 mph. We were grateful to get home safely.

The next morning we heard from the Esplins that the weather had been nasty in Ogdensburg as well and had we kept going we would have had bad weather the whole way and who knows how long it would have taken us. Lesson learned! If the weather report has ANY mention of snow in the future, we stay home. We don't want another drive like we had Saturday.


We felt bad having to miss Tyler's baptism. Thank you, Rachael, for posting about it so that we could share in your excitement. It is the major drawback for going on a mission, but when you realize that we are giving up being close to our family for two years so that others get a chance to be with their families forever, it is a small sacrifice. We are so grateful that you all are doing well and teaching our grandchildren the gospel. We are so proud of you all. The Gospel is true! Heavenly Father loves us and our Savior has made it possible for us all to be together for eternity. Tyler, you have now opened the door and are on your way back. Life is good!

We love you all.

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Rach said...

We missed you guys at the baptism, but are so grateful for the wonderful example you are setting for our children. We have answered many questions about missionaries since you went to New York. It does seem like a very small sacrifice to pay so that others can enjoy the blessings of the gospel. We love you too!