Monday, February 21, 2011

Elder Scott, What a Treat

Visit By An Apostle
This weekend we had a special stake conference for the Palmyra Stake. Elder Richard G. Scott, from the Quorum of the 12, was here for some leadership training. Saturday morning he met with all the missionaries. He begain the meeting by having everyone come up, row by row, and introduce ourselves to him and shake his hand. For his discussion he walked the missionaries through several roll playing exercises. We focused on sharing the Book of Mormon, and challenging the people to read and pray.

Sunday morning they held a special conference for the Stake. An area authority seventy, spoke, along with the Stake President and Stake Relief Society President. Elder Scott then shared feelings about his wife who passed away over 16 years ago. It is always special to be able to interact with these good men and feel of their spirit. He challenged us all to show our love and appreciation to our wives and families.

He left an Apostolic blessing that was very special. He promised that as we ponder and pray the Lord will let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve. Last week we challenged you to take small steps in improving yourselves. Perhaps it would be well now to ponder and pray about those steps and ask for confirmation if that is what the Lord would have you do.

The Temple is Opening Next Week
We are into our last week of the temple being closed. We will be so grateful when it opens again next week. This week we have training meetings with each shift, so at least we have things to do in the evenings.


Tami said...

hey! its great to see how your doing. i miss you guys, but im glad you chose to follow the prophets voice! I know you'll be blessed for the work you've done and will do. love ya lots and hear from you soon

Tami said...

sorry that was from Lahra. didn't know my mom was signed in.