Monday, January 31, 2011

Life in the Branch

Thank you Maryle, Rachael, and Karen for helping Susan with her talk Sunday. Your comments were all used and worked perfectly with what she was trying to say. You all have heard the many references where the Savior says he has always been trying to gather us as "A hen gathereth her chickens under her wings". She played off of that image pointing out that the temple is where he gathers us under his wings. There he can teach us, protect us, strengthen us and fortify us to face the trials of the world and give us a respite from our cares.

Sunday we gave a challange to a family in the branch that we recommend to all of you. They were having significant challenges and did not know how resolve the problems. They have not been coming to church. They have two grandchildren living with them who are also not going to church. Arrangements were made with the sisters to teach the grandchildren. We gave a Book of Mormon to each of the two children and challanged the grandparents to read everyday from the BofM with the children and promised them that if they would do that they would find the answers to their problems. They accepted the challange and the kids were excited to get their own copies. When you need the Lord to bless you, it is good to find a commandment that you are having trouble keeping and then make a commitment with the Lord to keep it. He will always bless you when you make and keep a commitment to Him. We want this good family to learn that truth. They have taken the first step.

Sunday we had a 1/3 increase in the attendance at our Sacrament meeting. First time we have been over 30. The new full time couple are amazing and are having a significant effect in challenging all the members. The Branch presidency has organized the home teaching and we have been given nine families to home teach. We are hoping that with consistant home teaching we will be able to strengthen and uplift those that are now active and encourage and teach and bring back those that are not yet active. We have great hopes for the Ogdensburg Branch. It will soon thrive .

Happy birthday, Tyler!Have a great baptismal day, too. We love you all and hope you all have a good week. Be happy! It's a choice, you know.

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Dale and Linda said...

It is so fun to hear from you and also from the Esplin's on the happenings and progress in the Ogdensburrrrrrg branch. Today we are watching as the worst storm ever is predicted to hit Chicago then over towards New York again. I told you the Esplin's were awesome. Of course I told them that you were awesome, too.Stay warm, bundle up. Love you.