Monday, January 17, 2011

Obedience is better than sacrifice

It has been a hard week for us. We were both hit with bad colds last weekend and were not able to go up to the Ogdensburg Branch, but spent the weekend and Monday mostly in bed trying to recooperate so that we could be back to work in the temple on Tuesday. It worked and we were both pretty much over our colds by Tuesday morning. However, our energy levels were near zero and the two ten hour days in the temple nearly wiped us out. Still, we made it through the week and by Saturday morning we were feeling great and were raring to go up to Ogdensburg.

We got everything packed and I made a big chicken and rice casserole for the potluck after Church. We were excited to meet the new missionary couple which had just arrived in the Branch as their full time assignment and who we would be working under when we come up on the weekends.

Paul decided to check the weather one last time before we left, which on Friday looked good for the Highway 81 corridor at the end of Lake Ontario. Now, there were new storm warnings for lake -effect snow between Syracuse and Watertown for Saturday afternoon thru Sunday.
What should we do? If we left quickly we could get to Ogdensberg before the storm came, but then we might not be able to come back until Monday night or Tuesday. We really wanted to go!

We have been told by our temple president, mission president and the district president that if there is lake-effect snow on the forecast to not go. The temptation to go anyway was very strong because we are needed there to help give rides to church to some of the members and investigators that don't have transportation and we are anxious to get organized with the new missionary couple. We figured those were good reasons for going.

However, If we are not obedient to the our mission presidents, how can we expect the Lord to bless our efforts? It all boiled down to being obedient... so we reluctantly unpacked and put the casserole in the fridge to be eaten for dinner every night for the next week of so.

So we spent another weekend not doing any missionary work and feeling bad about it but trying to be obedient and trying to show the Lord that we want to do His will and not just our own. We trust that He knows best and that our future missionary efforts will be blest as we strive to do His will. Obedience is always the best answer. Even when you are not happy about it.

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Dale and Linda said...

Thank you for the birthday card. It was so NICE. I guess not that we are all over 60 (not quite, Lynn turns 60 in March) we better give up the rude, funny cards.
I really enjoyed the letter. It was the best part.
We have emailed the Esplins a few times, and they say how much they have enjoyed getting to know you.
They are awesome. You will really enjoy them.
I know what you mean by both of you being sick at the same time. After I got home from my surgery, Dale got a strep throat, fever and chills. We were pathetic.