Monday, January 10, 2011

New Missionary Tool

Hello from the North Country. What do all of you think of this new web site We were reading in the January ensign and have become very intrigued. It is a center tear out section. They point out that there are now over 25,000 profiles on it and their goal is 100,000 in 2011. We created one of those.

The idea is to create a profile where your testimony can be shared with people who are looking for information. I am impressed with how well done it has been implemented. They have made it very easy to create and to add to your profile with more "experiences" and "FAQ's". It is oriented to be an individual, not a couple. We intend to add more content to ours now that it is set up.

We put a link on our blog, over to the right that goes to our profile. A link further down goes to the site without a specific profile as a destination. On the profile, we also put a link that goes to our blog. In this way if someone wants to have more direct involvement with you they can do that.

I do not know how to evaluate how many people I know that would take advantage of this kind of opportunity to get to know members and their thoughts. I guess time will tell if this is a powerful new tool, but we feel it would be good to take the opportunity to share our blessings of the gospel. Let us know what you think.

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Don said...

You inspired me to create one of my own.

Here is my profile.