Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Call For Help!!! Good weekend at the branch!

Good weekend at the Branch.
We were able to go to the branch this weekend. There was a lull in the lake effect snow storms and we had no problems. The temperature Sunday morning was about -15 degrees farenheit. That is below zero. The car wasn't sure it wanted to start but it did. We may have to replace the battery before the winter is over. The weather report was saying -25 degrees Sunday night. We left in the afternoon after church and made a couple visits on our way home.
(Note: Today, Tuesday afternoon, it was in the mid 30's in Palmyra. Not even freezing. That feels so much better then -15.) We have learned to love flannel sheets.

The branch had a new missionary couple assigned from the Utica Mission. Elder and Sister Esplin are neighbors of Linda Edwards in Cedar City. Elder Esplin was called to be a counselor in the Branch Presidency and they are going to have a big impact. All the missionaries met with the Branch President after church and discussed all that is going on. There is a real spirit of progress being made and success coming. The home teaching effort is being reemphasized and that is going to be a great blessing to the Branch. It has been "hit and miss", "mostly miss" for the past year.

We were encouraged by all of our visits this weekend. Everyone of them is talking about needing to get back to church. If they are thinking about it, perhaps there will be some progress made. We hope that if they think that every time we visit them, that eventually they will begin to act on the thoughts.

A Call For Help!
Susan has been asked to speak in church next Sunday. "How regular temple attendance helps make the rest of your life go better". She needs ideas. Please share your thoughts. (Quickly!!! you notice we said "Next Sunday") How has it helped you in your life? Right now we are so immersed in temple "attendance" every day that we don't know what life is like outside the temple. It is hard to imagine not being in the temple, feeling the spirit and Heavenly Fathers love all day long every day.


Maryle said...

I wish I could say we were regular temple attenders. It's a little difficult with it being 3 hours away, not that that is really an excuse. I do know that when I am able to go, I find my perspective on everything in my life is clearer, and I am able to endure cheerfully the things that stress me out, like the kids crying or fighting, or their constant messes, and I am able to focus more on giving them the love that they need, and being patient with them, and helping them calmly resolve their problems. Without the temple, I tend to add to their problems with my short temper and impatience. Hmmm, I need to get back to the temple.

Karen said...

I say ditto to Maryle. It just puts things into better perspective. Since moving to Iowa we now travel 2 hours to the temple. How I miss going monthly and how I took the 25 min drive in Las Vegas for granted. After Attending the temple I almost always get the feeling. Your doing the best you can, keep it up, I'm here to help.

Rach said...

For me going to the temple gives me respite from everyday troubles, cares, and concerns. I can more clearly see my Heavenly Father's plan and what is really important. It helps me find joy in everyday activities and service. I also feel a greater connection to those who have passed on - ones that I knew and loved dearly, and ones I am doing the temple work for.